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What sets us apart

Tailored solutions for medical practitioners

We understand the needs of medical practitioners and realise that you can't work without access to your patient files. This is why Paperless Business Solutions has developed a solution we call Immediate Digital Transformation. This service is unique to Paperless Business Solutions.

Good with computers, good with people

Paperless Business Solutions' success is largely due to the strong IT foundation of the company. This background enables us to relieve you of all your problems and make your transition to paperless a stress free, successful experience.

Immediate Digital Transformation

All of your patient files are picked up at once and are available, ready to view in your software the following business day.

The Immediate Digital Transformation eliminates the need for your documents to be scanned in numerous batches resulting in the following advantages:

  • Never be without access to your patient files
  • No need to run a hybrid electronic / paperbased filing system eliminating all the problems and unnecessary overheads associated with concurrent systems
  • No need for boxes of patient files to be collected every day for the duration of the scanning

To learn more about Immediate Digital Transformation click here.

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PBS PatientScribe

Replacing our old NoteTaker product, PatientScribe has been completely redesigned and offers many improvements.

Watch this space as PatientScribe will be available shortly.